ZOK Race Carbs

How good are these guys!

I had been having a problem with high exhaust temperature at high RPM (lean out) on my twin turbo big block chev ski race boat engine and was on my third set of carburettors when a highly regarded race engine builder put me in touch with ZOK Race Carbs.

I spoke to Zoran from ZOK Race Carbs who took an immediate interest in my problem and asked me to ship all the carburettors to him with a detailed description of the engine specifications and some photos of the turbocharger setup. Within a matter of days Zoran had calculated the air flow capability of the engine and with my blessing set about hand crafting a pair of carburettors to match the engine requirements ( at a very competitive price I might add ). Approximately a week later I received a call from Zoran to inform me that the carbys were on the way and with strict instructions to "bolt them on, start it up then call me" I did as requested. At this point I realized that this guy was serious, he wanted this thing spot on however, what I didn't realize was that I was about to receive a level of service and support that I had never experienced before.

That evening through a series of phone calls we adjusted idle speed and mixtures with a final instruction from Zoran to "put it in the water in the morning give it a run then call me". I didn't have too, Zoran called me first, "have you run it? How did it go?" I informed him I was happy we had decreased the exhaust temperature by a good 180 deg F. and it was running sweet as a nut. Zoran's reply was "not good enough we can get it better than that" After a series of phone calls back and forth some jet changes and adjustments we were now better 200 deg F cooler and the boat was going like a shot. The following weekend we competed in the Sydney Bridge to Bridge ski race on the Hawkesbury River NSW running the engine at 5200 RPM nonstop for 50 minutes, we won our class by a convincing 5 minutes and narrowly missed setting a new race record by just 6.4 seconds. I was absolutely blown away when I received a phone call from Zoran the following morning "just wanted to see how you went? Did the boat go allright? Are you happy with everything? This guy is unbeleivable.

Was I happy? The complete crew were absolutely stoked with the outcome, we have completed in another 5 major events since then, the engine hasn't missed a beat and we have added another couple of podium finishes to our list. Zoran even went out of his way to re jet my original carburettors back to standard and flow test them for me for free of charge!

Now hows that for service?

Whenever I mention Zoran the boys always say "oh you mean the carby king!"

Warren O"halloran

"AGONY" Ski Racing Team

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