ZOK Race Carbs

The owner of zok race carbs has been involved in cars & carburetors for 37 years. Zok Race Carbs formally started 16 years ago. Unlike most carb builders I go to extremes to build what has been proven time and time again to be the best carburetors money can buy.This is a brief outline of what goes into one of my carburetors. Before any work commences I run computer simulations and perform mathematical calculations to determine what size venturi is required for the job. I then cnc machine a raw casting to the correct size and shape, all of the threads are cut by me, and the body is then finished, tumbled and coloured.

Apart from using another manufacturer’s fuel bowls everything else in my carburetors is custom manufactured for me, to my specifications and my original designs . when I do a job for a customer, I concentrate on the entire operating range of the engines rpm, most builders ensure that the carburetor has the correct air fuel ratio at wide open throttle, whilst I work on the “entire” throttle range ,from idle through the progressive stages and all the way to wide open throttle, my carburetors maintain a consistent AFR, as a result starting line launches, cornering, gear change recovery, deceleration and wide open throttle charges are smoother and allow the engine to make the most of it's ability to make power. My carburetors use less fuel, and on the dyno will make more power than any other on the market. I am very passionate about my work, stand behind everything that I do and welcome anyone to try and find a better product than mine. I work in many forms of motorsport building engines, developing cylinder heads and intakes for numerous teams here and in NZ. I offer engine dyno and soon chassis dyno services to confirm my calibration and tuning results. My customers hold records in many classes of motorsports.

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